China has pledged to cap its greenhouse-gas emissions by 2030. China is the largest coal-to-methanol producer in the world. It blends methanol with gasoline to produce olefin and plastics. Methanol has helped its economy, but coal emissions are a problem. Therefore, it plans to triple methanol production over the next decade without burning an additional ounce of coal.

The United States can help by building large natural gas-to-methanol plants near the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean and letting tankers deliver this remarkably useful form of energy to China’s shores. A$4.5 billion plant will be built in Texas or Louisiana in 2015 and will double our national output of methanol.

China has demonstrated that methanol is a viable alternative to oil. Congress, President Ronald Reagan and President George H.W. Bushsupported blending methanol with gasoline in the 1980s and 1990s without subsidies or mandates. Mandated ethanol blends at the pump, along with substantial subsidies, have added to our national debt.

Whatever happened to our “all of the above” national energy policy?

Gene Kiley, Bowie